Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A new venture

A little over a year ago, my first girlfriend and I created a character for a story. I named him Aidan. After she broke up with me, I became so heartbroken, I found it hard to write, so I started this blog. I remained silent throughout my relationship with Elizabeth, getting little writing done. But I never lost the desire to explore Aidan's past, or his future. Welcome to my aspirations have grown even higher.


So you’ve come to hear a legend. You were right to come to me; I am the only one who knows the whole story. Where shall I begin? Ah, yes.

In the beginning, a great being ruled creation. You would call him God, and that would not be wrong, but his name is much greater than that. Over the years, though, mortal man has forgotten his name, which is a pity since it is such a beautiful name.

Now, in the beginning, the nameless One ruled creation, but creation was quite empty, so he created the planets. He grew plants and animals, separating their homes with water. The animals did not fill the lonely void He felt, though, so he created men, giving them rule over the land and its inhabitants.

The nameless One saw that his people worked ceaselessly on the land in order to make it prosper, and though that pleased Him, He knew that is was not good. In a truly inspired moment, the nameless One created day and night, naming them Allion and Dellith, and commanded them to guard the planets. When Allion looked on the land, the people would work, and then man would rest under the watchful eye of Dellith.

Now this arrangement pleased everyone involved for quite some time, but after many years, Dellith desired to observe the people at work, so he encroached on Allion’s watch. Allion, desiring rest from his labor, did the same to Dellith, and though both wanted to experience the other’s charge, neither was willing to relinquish their duty.

The Great One saw what happened in His creation and stepped in saying, “I have given each of you a task, if you do not approve of my judgment, tell me and I will remove you from it.”

Allion and Dellith, thinking that they would be given something greater, perhaps a planet of their own to rule, both declared that they did not like their job.

Knowing their thoughts, the Great One said, “The power I gave to you, I will not remove, but from this day forward you will rule only those deceived into following you. I will take charge of the days and the seasons. Further more, I will cast you from my presence. But do not be deceived, everything you do will be known to me.”

On that day, the Great One formed a void and cast Dellith and Allion from His sight.

To this day, the pair fight for control of the people, reaching into the land of men and misleading many. We follow one or the other of them as if they are gods. In fact, over the centuries, most of us have chosen one or the other of them. We forgot the True One, and generations were condemned to the void to spend eternity with their preferred master.

Many centuries after the creation of the void, the True One revealed Himself to his people again, drawing a small number of them to Him. Many of us turned to The Way, the simple men allowed to choose, but those who worked in the temple of Allion or Dellith were cast out, rejected by society, and some were killed. Still The Way gained followers, and the True God gathered His creation back to Him.

I hope to have one post every week, but for now I'm going to try for every other week. Check out Flatiron too.


  1. Check out flatiron? Ok...

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  3. Check out flatiron is supposed to mean "Check in periodically." I don't mean to toy with you, I'll say that only when there is something to read on it. Deal?

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