Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ha ha ha....So eHarmony has a new feature. They explain what your "ideal match's" personality will be. I answered those questions as truthfully as I could, but apparently, I'm supposed to marry someone who is very conservative, avoids pop media to remain pure....but someone who wants to be rather sexually active. I know for a FACT that I don't want to marry someone who avoids the media. I love pop/rock, movies, some TV, a lot of "controversial" books and so on. Whoever I marry needs to share my love of conscious expansion.

That's all.

No it's not. I seem to be lacking greatly in my posts. I feel so scatterbrained, as if I can't organize my thoughts well enough to post something decent. I don't want to just give up and leave ya'll hangin'. I enjoy writing, and I'm looking forward to having new work. I'm going to solicit a couple of magazines to try and sell some short stories. Something like the Ellery Queen (I think I spelled the name right). So with that said, my new project that I'm working on is.......A MURDER!! Myster:-) I'm not going to kill anyone, not a real person, just one of the many people living in my head. Admit it, you can't be a successful writer without being slightly scitzo. Anyway, I'm writing a murder that takes place in London, hence the change of plans for my Vacation. Ha ha ha. Giles is no longer a fantasy writer. I'll return to my first love, but I want to write mysteries. YAY, excitement.

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