Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Now it gets hard

Ok, so I have a detective, a villian, a victim, and a scapegoat (to connect the detective to the murder). Now I have to flesh out a cast of three dimensional characters, and this is going to be a rather large cast, I think. The hardest part is deciding who and what I need.

I know I need to have a romantic interest for the hero, and I have an idea for that. I need a mentor, and I have an idea for that one too. I guess I'll start there and see what happens after.


  1. this is not a knock, I repeat, THIS IS NOT A KNOCK...

    It's just way too formulaic for me. I still can't wait for it, but I couldn't write it that way that's for sure.

  2. Ok, so the reason I'm doing a mystery is because it's formulaic. I tried something without a formula, and I wasn't any good at it. So, yeah....Formula fiction is what I'm doing for now. And it won't feel too formulaic when I'm done with it.

  3. cool, like I said, no dis intended. Good luck man.