Saturday, February 04, 2006

A prayer

Dear Lord,

I come before you in praise. I want to thank you for everything you have given me, from the little things such as a good night of sleep last night, to the large things, like my job, family, friends, home, and especially for the salvation of my soul. The gratefulness I feel is dificult to put into words, but I know you know my heart.

When I think of the things that I have, I feel so utterly selfish, because even though I have been extraordinarilly blessed, there are things I still want. But I'm tired of asking for things for myself. To begin, I would like to pray for my family: Thank you so much for providing for them and blessing their ministry. Thank you for the encouraging example my parents have been to me over the years, and for blessing their marriage to keep them together for twentyfour years, and counting:-). Please continue to provide for them and give them an abundance to be shared with the people you bring into their lives. Please continue to use them to glorify you. Please be with my brothers as you guide them to their futures. Please help them to see your hand in their lives, and show them how you will use them. Please draw them closer to you so that they will be leaders in every aspect of their lives. Please provide loving wives for them, women who seek to honor you as much as, if not more so than they do. Please bless them.

For my friends: I have so many of them, believers and non-believers alike. Please use me to minister to them, and if you have any reserved blessings for me, please use them for my friends. I have enough already, and so many of them need it more. Help them to follow you, to seek you with every aspect of their lives. They have been there for me so many times, and I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with people who seek you, who challenge me to seek you, and for the little chances that you give me to shine your light. I don't know all of their needs, but you do, and I ask that you please provide for those needs, and even give them the deepest desires of their hearts in accordance to your desire for their lives. God, my two closest friends, though they have people in thier lives, seem so lonely, they desire to be married, and I know you know this, and you have the perfect person planned for them, so I ask that you please fill them up to bursting with your love, joy, and at the very least a contentedness to wait for your perftect timing. And please be with their future wives, just as you are with my brothers', and give them the wisdom to know the path that you would have them follow.

For the friends that I have hurt, I don't know the extent of the damage I have caused in the twenty one years of my life, but I pray that you will be just and give them what they deserve, even if it means taking form the share you have set aside for me. God, I want to honor you with my life, and that is all I need. You have given me so much, all I ask for myself at this time is that you give me enough wisdom to follow you, to honor you, and to not screw up as I have in the past.

God, take me and use me. Make me a tool for your work. If I am not willing, I am at least willing to let you make me willing. I don't want to wait for the future, but I don't have much of a choice:-) Please give me the patience I need. God I love you, and I pray that you will bless everyone in my life, who ever has gone from my life, and whoever I will meet in the future. God please take my selfish heart and mold it to reflect you.

I am nothing without you, and I thank you for loving me.

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