Monday, March 20, 2006

It's weird how God can do stuff.

I never noticed His hand moving in me until I looked back, and it took some drastic revelations to see what I saw. He is awesome, and I say Halleluia, thank You for loving me. I pray that I may honor You with my life each and every day. Thank You for keeping me within earshot of Your Voice, and for using me to bless people even when I don't see it. Thank You so much for everything You have done for me, especially since I don't deserve them.

I believe humans have a God ordained obligation to be 100% honest at all times. I strive to meet that obligation, and I can see times when I've fallen short, not in telling falsehoods, but in withholding the truth. God has forgiven me, and the people I have "wronged" have recieved due appologies. I beleive I can look back and say that any harm I have caused anyone has been taken care of on my part, and it is now up to them to forgive me, and that's between them and God.

God, thank You for keeping me safe from great harm that could have "ruined" my life. Thank You for keeping me faithfully coming back to You, even when I did screw up, and thank You for forgiving me when I have screwed up. Thank You for loving me. Please help me to give You glory and honor, to bring others to praise You, and when they praise You, please let them forget me, so that I may be the young colt, and You triumphant King entering the city. God, bring glory to Your Name, and humble me. I come to You, not with my voice raised and my hands in the air, but my head bowed in suplication, on my hands and knees, submitting to Your Majesty. You are my great God and I will serve you until the day I die! Once again I pledge my life to You, it it Yours to do with as You Will.

Not mine, but Your Will be done!

Religion has no value in a world full to bursting with hurting people. Religion has never satisfied any need, nor will it ever. Relationships are the only way to help people, and not just the poor, but the rich as well. A relationship with Yeshua (that's Jesus in Hebrew) is the only true peace we can receive in this place. Jesus is not found in going to church, giving money, moving to Africa, and while all those things are good, they do not bring you into a relationship with Him. I knew this many years ago, and I am learning more every day. I am beginning to understand some of what a relationship with Jesus entailes. I know I'll never get it until I reach Heaven, but what I'm learning, though it doesn't make me rich, or even happy, it brings me peace. I continue to struggle in life, and I continue to seek God, and I continue to find Him. I wish I had a better way of explaining that, a way that would help you to understand, but I don't. I get it in how it relates to others, I can only see how it might relate to me. Please understand, religion is not what I seek, but a true Relationship, based on servanthood toward the One i love.

I could go around in circles with this all night, but I won't. Please know I'm praying for you, and that God loves you, and He desires a relationship with you. The ball's in your court. Ask me questions. If I don't know the answer, I'll find out.

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