Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stream of Conciousness part 2

She wore a black trenchcoat, her red curls falling out from beneath the hood. She watched me as I strolled into the alley from the street.

"We appreciate your patience," she said in a low voice as she handed me a large manilla envelope. "Your instructions."

She moved past me to leave, but I grabbed hold of her arm. She drew a gun, I knocked it to the ground. "Understand," I glared at her, "I don't exsist. You may not have been warned, but I work on my own and I'm not to be observed." She glared at me as I made my speech, but I forged ahead. "I can tell this is your first agent encounter, and I'm unique. If I see you before the completion of the assignment, be asured you will die. You are to await my return at the designated location. Do you understand?"

Her jaw tightened defiently, but she nodded. I released my hold and the redhead disappeared. I took back streets to my flat, avoiding the light as much as possible. The rain pounded relentlessly as I laid out the contents of the envelope on my desk. A picture of a greased-up pig was attatched to the file, labeled Slockov.

It appeared a Russian gang had kidnapped the Irishman's daughter. Bad news, if you knew the Irishman! Explained why I got the job.

I opened a small white envelope on the bottome of the pile. I found two thousand dollars, US, starter cash for expences; and ten thousand pounds, UK, a downpayment on my fee.

I scanned through the files again, check my watch, and decided to pick things up in the morning. I'd need to get an American passport.

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