Thursday, April 20, 2006

Goals are good

I have set a goal to get Act 1 of my stepsheet complete by next Thursday. It might be a lofty goal, but I have to start somewhere. I don't know what my different acts will look like, so I don't know what my next goal will be. Let's see what happens.

In the mean time, Pandora is awesome. Gabe mentioned it in an earlier post on his blog. I enjoy listening to music that I like.

If you are in to podcasts, check out Lynchland at I find him quite humorous.

Being at work after my vacation isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I still want to write full time and quit working at the store. I don't dislike my job, I just enjoy writing so much, and my job gets in the way.

Gabe says he won't talk about relationships in his blog, well that's his choice, I however STARTED this blog as a vent for my frustrations with women, so Gabe, thank you for sticking to your choice, but I'm going to continue to open up the anonymous public about my love-life, or lack-there-of. But not now because there's nothing to say.

You would think that the spellcheck on blogger would recognize "blog" as a word. It doesn't, though. Unless it learned it when I told it to.

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