Thursday, June 08, 2006

Late at night, time to "ZzzzZzzZZZzzzzzz"

Huh? Oh yeah, I guess it's not all that late, only half past midnight. Listening to the old Pandora mix.

I've been chilling out on a Christian message board this afternoon, and it's actually been kind of fun. I still don't like internet socializing, but that's because it's not real human interaction. NO IT ISN'T, DON'T TRY TO CONVINCE ME OTHER WISE. Get out of your house and DOOO SOMMETHIIIING!!!lol

Ok. Anyway. I need to figure out something to do on Saturday now that church has been moved to Sunday nights.

If any of the peeps who knows me wants to do something, let me know. I want to do something engaging, intelectual, conversational. All that jazz. No, I don't want to go to a jazz show, you can't talk at a concert :P

So yeah, I want to write something again, so I should sit down and do that tomorrow, but not now because my head is spinning, wich is no fair because I didn't go get any vodka or rum tonight. I'd like some rum, or vodka, or maybe just a beer. Ho hummmmm. Hm Hm Dum dm. Randomness is fun some times.

Call me, e-mail me, leave me a comment. If you wanna chat, we can chat. :D

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