Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Almost a month

.....whoa! I'm back, briefly. Just a short story from sunday.

I got off of work at 2 in the afternoon on sunday, went to church by 5:45. I was really excited to be back at church, but before we even got seated I got a phonecall from a number I didn't recognize. The person told me her name, and it sounded like "Beth", but not the Beth that I knew, and the tone of her voice sounded like Elizabeth, my ex. So I thought maybe my phone was cutting out on me and I couldn't hear the entire anouncement of her voice.

This girl said she had an emergency with one of her best friends, and she needed a ride and I was the only one she could rely on (with a car). I found out a moment later that it was someone I knew from work, but through most of the entire conversation I thought it was Elizabeth. And the cool thing is, I was more than willing to help her. I didn't have one negative thought, and even if it hadn't turned out to be the other person, I would have skipped out on my plans for the night.

It's encouraging to know that I truly don't hold anything against my ex-girlfriend.

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