Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And the Beat Goes On

Studying at Auraria was a total success. I only need two more quotes and one more source, then I simply have to write the essay. That is a HUGE praise Jesus.

On a heavier note, my dad woke up this morning with a terrible pain in his side. They (my parents and little brother) were staying at a restarea for the night, but they were close enough to Russel Kansas to get him to a hospital. Turns out he had a kidney stone....OUCH!

He got ambulanced over to Hayz, where a surgeon removed the stone(s). So my family is staying at a hotel in Kansas tonight.

On a lighter note, it's snowing.....has been most of the day! Awesome....bout time! I love the snow.

Watching High Fidelity now......on of my favorite movies EVER!

I should be finishing my rrj for intro to lit, but I don't feel like it. I studied most of the day, and I'm just completely worn out. Besides, I'll study tomorrow.

I think next semester I'm going to take my classes a bit lighter so I can work on writing too. I don't even want to take most of the required classes for the AA, not to mention the BA. I just want to write, but I need the education (not the degree) if I want to be a professional writer. The degree wouldn't hurt my job options.

Back to my life.

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  1. "is that peter frampton? peter f***ing frampton?"