Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Heroes Update

Ok, so I just checked on NBC.com, Heroes is playing now. I might be able to squeeze in the episode some time this week....but I have to work on my THREE essays. That's right, I said three! Just pray for me. I have all day on thursday to work on them (but Steve, I should make it up to Novo) and I have next monday off.....and tuesday. Just pray that I manage my time properly.

About my flipping out yesterday, I know Heroes is just a TV show, but for some reason it makes me feel better about myself. So maybe I'm going through some early life crisis (too young for midlife). Anyway, sometimes I feel like I'm being scattered and pulled in too many directions and failing at most of my attempts to do something for other people. I've done many things for self-improvement, and they are taking effect, but I feel like the people who are important to me aren't getting the greatest benefits from my presence, if any.

I really want to help people and it seems like there are too many to help and I don't have enough resourses to help them. I did have a positive effect on one of my coworkers this week, though, so that's a praise.

Please pray that I continue to seek God with my entire being, especially since I don't really have a church to call home. That's something that I miss. I know I have Bible study on thursday nights, but I want a church service too.

So that's me.

Who wants to party?

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