Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Woo hoo

The semester is almost done, and my grades are looking good. I'm excited to have free time again so that I can write my novel.

Listening to a Jazz Christmas station on pandora....Charlie Brown (Vince Guaraldi) themed. I like it ALOT!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holy crap....

I actually managed to get an FC post up. Check it out, tell your friends. I don't know how long it will be until the next one is up, but I may have ideas soon. I want to get two a month by February, but I'm setting a goal for one a week to push my limits. Flatiron City

Remembering Brynly

This last February, Quill & Think assigned a story poem challenge to its members. Since I've been reading poetry for school lately, I thought I'd go and take a look at the one that I'd written. After looking it over, I made some revisions, and this is what I have:

Ol’ Topply’s Tears
By Giles

Old dear Topply plays his fiddle quick as a sprite
While young, sweat Brynly dances on his right.
Gaily they sing of days gone by
While tears of great joy stream out of my eye.

I sit and sip on a pint glass o’ beer,
Rememb’rin’ the love of a summer last year;
She’d orn’ment herself in the lilies of spring
And dance in the center of mystic Faery rings.

Topply now changes to a tune of despair,
Sweat young Brynly unties her red hair.
The fiddle it moans of a winter gone past
And a love and a loss of Topply’s Ol’ Lass

Her name was Faer Finola, her hair was bright as gold,
But the heavens came and took her as the air grew still and cold.
Nine months she’d been with child, nine months she’d swelled with joy,
For Topply and Finola thought they’d raise a grand ol’ boy.

But as the snows started fallin’ on the roofs of our small town,
Finola’s pain came on her so the midwife laid her down.
“Oh no the pain ain’t stoppin’,” cried the nurse with much alarm.
Poor Topply ran in prayin’, but the birth had done its harm.

Finola laid there cold in bed not a breath left in her breast,
But Topply stemmed the flow of tears and held his baby to his chest.
He looked down at the newborn child with a curly lock o’ red,
“I think I’ll call you Brynly, dear, from a book that I once read.”

As I heard Sweat Brynly’s tail, I rose up to my feet
“Ol’ Topply, here’s to you good man,” and I downed my liquid peat.
Ol’ Topply raised his hand to mine as I walk on toward the door,
Brynly smiled her thanks to me, like her mother years before.

The project was to write a story poem inspired by another poem. I chose a poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien, but I have to admit that I was also listening to a Flogging Molly CD (can't remember which one). No, I did not copy any of their ideas, I just felt like I was writing something that reminded me of something. Think whatever you like about the poem, I know it's not all that good, especially compared to Tolkien.

If you want to read the orriginal, it can be found here. You'll need to scroll down a bit because the entire month is archived, and this was a very active month for us.


Yeah, I got one on launch day....not at midnight, but still, I have it, I love it, any cracks about the graphics and you can just.....go away. This is GAMEPLAY we're talking about. Awesome, butt-kicking, motion-sensitive gameplay. I'm drooling just thinking about the Nintendo-ee awesomeness.

P.S. I'm not gay, so stop asking. (long story)

P.P.S. I need a girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not sick

Not anymore, anyway. I'm really glad, in retrospect, that I called in sick yesterday. It was exactly what I needed, and if I hadn't I would have been miserable all day yesterday, all day today, and probably all day tomorrow. Just sayin...I'm feeling better.

Monday, November 13, 2006


So I called in sick today. I feel like crap, too. Not so much because I'm sick, but because I'm missing work. I feel just good enough to sit up and stare at stuff, and I've been getting this way off and on since school started. I hate missing work, and I hate that I feel bad enough that I had to today. I just hope I feel better on Wednesday when I have to go back.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Prestige

Gotta say, one of the best movies I've seen this year. I'm not good at reviewing movies, I can just tell you that the character developement was good, the cinematography was awesome, and the plot kept me guessing the intire time. Check it out.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Black dad+White mom+dreadlocks=vandal?

Last night I went over to Jeremy's apartment to hang I do every Sunday night, and as I'm driving out of the complex I saw a police officer sitting on the side of the road. I thought he was simply trying to catch late night traffic violators, so with that in mind, as I'm pulling through an intersection on a green light (or it might have been flashing yellow, that's how late it was) I look behind me and see flashing red&blues. Now, I don't think I have up-to-date proof of insurance in my car, so I'm in a minor panic trying to think about when I can actually get into court to prove that I do indeed have valid insurance.

Anyway, I rolled my window down, and the officer assures me that I'm not getting pulled over for a traffic violations (which was good because I hadn't committed one!). He asked me if I lived at the apartment complex that I just pulled out from, I said no, but I was there hanging out with friends every Sunday. Then he asked me if I knew anything about the "guy on the bike". You see, Justin doesn't have a car, so he rides his bike everywhere. He is also black and has dreadlocks about two and a half feet long. I chuckled mildly (maybe nervously) and said, "Yeah, he's one of the guys who I hang out with every week. He's also one of my coworkers."

The officer told me that Justin looked like a guy they'd arrested a couple months ago for spraypainting in that complex, and he just wanted to make sure it wasn't happening again, though how anyone could tell that Justin looked like anyone other than Jr. Gong with as little light as there was on that particular street is beyond me. I assured the policeman that Justin was not the same man, and then I caught up to Justin, who was riding his bike on the same street that I was on, and related the amusing incident to him.

Now, I know some of you might get mad at this "racial profiling", but when you hang out with Justin as much as I do, it doesn't bother you that much. Justin might have gotten mad, but I didn't see it. I think he just found it funny in an "I'm disappointed in humanity" kind of way.

That's my anecdote for the day, now that I have a day off from work, I'm going to work on more homework :(

PS, blogger spellcheck wanted me to replace "dreadlocks" with "teratology". Bwuh?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Never expected to see her again

So Elizabeth (my ex) was at my store today. I didn't talk to her, I had important stuff to take care of. My grandma had a minor stroke this afternoon, and I had to see how she was doing. So I didn't talk to Elizabeth because the people who are still in my life are more important. If she ever shows up again, and I have time, sure, I'll talk to her. Anyway, I didn't get mad or anything, it kind of weirded me out, but I think I could talk with her. I think I'm actually over her for good.

On that note, I never want to date. Just thought I'd reiterate that point from over a year ago (for those of you keeping up) I never, EVER want to date ever again. I just want to get married, at some point. Have fun.

PS, I'm watching High Fidelity again.

Edit: I finally saw Heroes today.