Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good and bad

So, I went to my first class for the semester today. I really like the teacher. I'm going to enjoy this class. My tai chi class got cancelled because only three people signed up. Bummer. Oh well, more time for writing and ministry.

Emily had some trouble with her car on sunday, turns out she had a nail in three of her tires. She's lucky that she didn't have a blowout, especially with how icy it's been, but it also means replacing three tires on her car. She needs to start paying off her student loans this month. She works at the same place I do so she's not exactly making a lot of money. Pray that God will provide for her.

Stepsheet is coming along nicely. I have homework to do, but I should be able to work on my stepsheet some today. Probly gonna crash at Jeremy's tonight (never did last week). We're going up to Idaho Springs tomorrow and it would be easier than getting up early.

I'm working on my french homework so that I'm caught up when I go to that class (I'm missing the first class tomorrow). I'm really remembering a lot. I enjoy french. J'aime le francais. I only have two classes this semester and I'm not picking up another one to replace the one I lost. I'm going to write.

Have a good week everyone.

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