Monday, January 08, 2007

Snow again.

It's supposed to snow again on thursday, friday and saturday. I heard there is supposed to be somewhere around four or five FEET! If that happens, I need to be away from my house. I love my family and all, but if I have to get snowed in again, I want to be stuck with my friends. Besides, the people I would be staying with live closer to where I work.

I don't know yet if I'll be staying with them, but I'm going to BEG the moment it starts to snow.

I might be getting a laptop. I don't know yet, but it might happen.

Should be picking up my school books today. If I miss the first two days of class due to high amounts of snow, I'll drop my ENG Comp class. I can handle the other ones. I don't want to drop any classes, so pray that the snow is not as bad as I heard. Pray the snow away. I love the snow, but a month straight is more than enough.

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