Thursday, January 18, 2007 bout that life thing?

I like my life....most of the time. No reason to complain today. I'm bummed that my tai chi class was cancelled, but God is good. My homework load for the week is light enough that I'll be able to work on writing some.

I'm still praying for my friends. They are important to me. I would die for these people. I hope you understand how serious that is. On that note, I made an effort to try and patch up some holes that I created in my friendship with Gabe. I'm glad I did, too. Things are changing and sometimes it looks like I won't have the opportunity in the near future.

This year is a year of new beginnings for me. I have my writing project that I'm making great progress on, I have my "ministry" that I want to start, and I have this overwhelming desire to be married by the end of the year (still no prospects, though). All I'm saying is that this year is going to be very different, and it could shape the rest of my life. My core group of friends is shifting, that's big. Everything is big for me.

Pray for my friends. I can't say why. Just do it.....please:) I love these people. If you think about it, you can pray for me, but God has everything under control so focus toward them if you really have the time. They are so much more important.

I have to say that I'm doing much better at trusting God, and myself. That's very important. I'm trusting my friends again, too. That's huge. I've had trust issues recently, brought on, in part, by my last "encounter" with Elizabeth. My justification for not talking to her was that I couldn't trust myself to do the right thing if I actually talked to her. I believed that, too. So I built up walls to keep myself from hurting myself and others. Worked out okay, I guess, except it pushed Gabe away. It got so bad that I was in danger of pushing my parents away. Secluding myself from the entire world. I'm glad God got my attention before that happened.

That's about all I have to say for now. Have a good week. If you need anything, please ask. I live to serve the All Mighty, and if I can do that by helping you, I would be honored.

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