Friday, March 16, 2007

Bachelor Party tonight

No, not mine. My buddy Steve is getting married on sunday. I won't get plastered, a: because the Bible says not to get drunk on too much wine, but be filled with the Holy Spirit (sounds religious, but I believe that is a command), b: I don't like how getting a little too buzzed feels, c: I have to drive tonight, d: I have to work in the morning. It'll be fun, though.

I've been getting a lot of church lately, I really like it :)

Still reading Psalms. There is so much awesome stuff. Oh, on that note, if you want to see a fictional representation of Esther's husband, watch 300. Yep, same guy.

School is going well, I keep remaining caught up on my homework. Oh yeah, I'll be volunteering at Children's Hospital soon. I have an interview on the 24th of March. I should be able to do it on Sundays. Emily is applying too.

I have to get some writing done this weekend. I have an idea for another FC short, so we'll see what happens. Depending on what happens with school over the summer I might spend a lot more time writing for FC and my book.

God Bless You.

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