Saturday, March 31, 2007

Justified concern

My parents seem to be a little upset that Emily and I are waiting so long to get married. The only time that would really work, though, is this winter. Ideally, we would get married when all of our family can be in town without getting stressed out, but Molly should be in town during winter break, short though it is, and that's when we're getting married. We won't be in compromising situations, so they shouldn't be worried about that. I refuse to get myself into a situation where something wrong could happen. God is the center of my life, and the center of our relationship, and to fear the worst, though understandable, it gets rather tiresome. I know my struggles, my temptations, and my weaknesses. I'm going out of my way to make sure that purity is not lost.

Ok. Jeremy, nice guy that he is, said he'll make our rings for us, which is awesome because they'll be personal. It will also be less expensive. I don't know how much it's going to cost, but he's not going to make us pay labor, so it'll be lab rental (because he doesn't own a lab) and materials. Much less expensive.

It's been nice to have a week off from school. I've done a little homework, and I've worked 43 hours and 45 paycheck is going to be nice! I'm going to be writing my novel starting May 1. Period! If I haven't finished the outline, I'll fix things as I go, I need to be writing though, and I need to find out how to continue writing quickly.

Ok, pray for wisdom, as always, and purity. You have my permission to ask me how I'm doing in that front.

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