Monday, March 26, 2007

Major update!

Ok, the only reason that I didn't write this yesterday is because we hadn't told anyone yet, so our families had to find out first.

On Saturday, March 24, at aproximately 11pm, I asked my best friend, Emily King, to marry me. She said yes. You all wanted to know, I'm sure:)


  1. I'm not kidding about this, Steve and I were talkin about you two and that exact event at about that exact time.

    Congrats. Ya bastad.

  2. i've heard that that's what going to a wedding can do to you. basically, you're welcome.

    congrats man, these are exciting times.

  3. if it's at all comforting, i can show up to your wedding, get hammered, throw up on something and make things really awkward and chaotic, and then you can try to brush me off to the side and act like nothing happened, and everyone will be like, "what about that douche bag that came in here and threw up on everything?" and you can say, "what? let's get on with the weddying!"

    i mean, that's all tenative right now.

  4. was the the cute girl you were with at the cochenour's wedding?!?!