Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'll interview at The Children's Hospital this afternoon. I should be volunteering there in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited.

The compy is still working fine, I've been using it quite a bit and nothing has gone wrong. Still crossing my fingers, though.

Pray for wisdom, yet again. I've been dry this week, and I'm really feeling it. I need to be more consistant. I've been praying, but the lack of Biblical input is draining.

I'm making headway on my step sheet. Way behind schedule as far as writing goes, but I might be able to start writing by may (that might have been my first goal anyway). I'm at work right now, just waiting for a client to show up and make a return. He has just over an hour. I'm going to work on FC for a bit.

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  1. Good luck at volunteering at TCH. Several of my friends work there/worked there as Health Care professionals and they all loved it.

    What type of volunteering do you get to do?