Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got a free movie today....Drunken Master. Awesome movie. I'm bummed, though, because I was going to get Emily a Mumble from Build-A-Bear for her birthday because she loves penguins,
but they're sold out :( Then I was going to get The Godfather for the Wii, but they were sold out at EBGames, and now I think I want to save my money for other things. I really want the game, but I want patio furniture more, and I want a grill, and I want a nice place with the woman I love. I know the game only costs fifty bucks, but it'd be nice to say that that money went toward a home rather than my entertainment.

Besides, I need to spend time writing, not playing video games.

Things this evening didn't turn out as planned, so please pray that I don't get stressed. I know everything is fine and that I have enough time for my homework, I just tend to overreact when I don't get to do my homework when I plan it. Life is good, though.

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