Friday, July 06, 2007

A revalation

I realized that it is all together possible that the book I am currently working on may never get published....ever. The cool thing is, that doesn't bother me. It doesn't make me a failure, and I know that. I'm excited to be writing still, and I will become a pro if it's the last thing I do, and I will work really hard to be a pro that can support himself and his family off of his work.

I don't know if I'll try to make a series out of this book (it would be the wise thing if I want get it published), and I don't know if I'll even go send it to agents or publishers. That will depend on the audience feedback that I get, and how pleased I am with the work.

As it sits, I'm excited to work on this project.

Ok, back to work.

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  1. You go, Giles!

    Just met an author that had a publisher come looking for HER! Her work was noticed on a blog, she was contacted, she wrote her book and I just met her as her book tour stopped at the Tattered Cover. She's now a new friend.

    Goes to show what happens when you write for love and nothing else!