Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hoo, boy.

What a couple of weeks this has been. 16 days, I managed to read through and edit (mildly) the first draft of my book. I'm currently adding scenes to increase tension and dimension, and after that I'll break up the story into chapters for serious micro-editing.

I'm hoping to have the book ready to send to agents by the end of this year, and I want to be negotiating with publishers by June of 2010...if not sooner!

I haven't heard back from the second magazine that I sent my short story to, but it could be the end of march before that happens. I haven't worked on any other short stories, but Gabe and I are going over each-others' work a little bit at a time to get us both in the swing of writing and getting things published.

Works still a pain (long story and I have to get ready to head there now, so I may update on it later), but I'm surviving. I'm actually AWAKE when I get up at 5 in the mornings, now, and I've been making a lot of progress on the book (obviously). Maybe I'll be done with it sooner than I thought.

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