Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It keeps going

So, I've gotten through four chapters in my book and I'm working on chapter five. I've been splitting the book into chapters at this point to figure out where the real additions need to be made, and I'm making a lot of hardcore revisions while I go. Since I started doing this part of the story, I think I've added nearly 4,000 words....if not more!

I'm so excited to be making real, tangible progress!

I have two cousins who are 13 years old, and I've asked them both to begin reading through my chapters so that I can get advice from people in my target audience. Emily is going to start reading, too, and when I get more work done, I'll start including more of my family in the "preview/revision" phase. I'm keeping it simple for now so that I don't get overwhelmed with well-intentioned feedback.

Gabe is also looking through the book, and I've gone through one of his pieces because we are both trying to get published, so we've started a little roundtable group to edit each-others' work.

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