Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A non-twitter update!

I've gotten a lot done on this revision of my book. I've made the actual plot spread out into the entire book, rather than being secluded to three or four chapters. At the same time, I've kept the character development and side stories present, and I've added some scenery descriptions. I've nearly reached the 60k word mark (although I may have passed it), and I'm almost ready to collect Beta readers. I have a couple of family members who really want to read my work, and I'm going to go through a process to get several more when I'm ready to send it out.

From there, after I've gotten my feedback, I hope to go through the revision stage only twice more, and this time without having to go chapter by chapter...I think I'll be able to jump to troubled areas as I see them...and then do the micro-edits and line-by-line clean-up. December looks like the goal for sending it out to agents, and if things keep going smoothly, it may be earlier than that. I was hoping for June, but there's no way that'll happen.

Oh well. Time to head off to work.

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