Friday, June 19, 2009

The process continues

Well, I've gotten through the first chapter that the beta readers sent to me, and I split it into two chapters. I think things are going really well, right now, and I'm looking forward to chapter 3 (what was chapter 2). I just have to wait for my readers to get back to me with their feedback.

In other news, the Flatiron City story is sort of coming's in first-person, and I don't have much experience writing in that POV, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm still trying to figure out what needs to be revealed to the reader about the world and the plot, and since it's a short story, it's not quite up my alley. I'm going to finish it, though, and I plan on sending it to magazines until it gets published.

As for the other short story I wrote for school, if that one doesn't get published by the magazine I just sent it to, then I won't send it out to anyone else. I don't think it's a bad story, but I don't really want it associated with the rest of the fantasy world that I've created. It's what we might call "non-canon".

I think Flatiron City and some back-story shorts for the current project will be the best option for me to get my name out there as a writer.