Monday, July 06, 2009

I've been making more changes to the book! I think it's going along nicely, right now, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow to get up and work some more!

I'd keep it up, but I need to get ready for my day job. It's been really slow lately, though, so I may get sent home early, especially if the only other option is to send my brother home early. He's been losing a lot of hours at work due to his openly stated desire to become a part-time employee and our lack of need around the shop, so when he has a day where he'll actually get hours, I think I'll let him work, earn some cash, and get myself some time to work on the book some more. (whew, I don't usually run on like that.)

Emily's mom and sister are coming up from Fountain on Wednesday to stay with us for a couple of days (that is, Molly is staying here, and my mother-in-law is staying with my parents), and we're all going to celebrate Molly's birthday. They're coming up on Wednesday, though, because my grandparents are going to be in town on their trip to visit all of their friends before my grandpa dies from his cancer.

I'd say more, but I really need to go shave :-0

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  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    When you write an entry like that and sum up everything so eloquently, there really isn't anything to comment on!

    :) Love you!