Monday, August 31, 2009

The writing continues...

In one week I will be taking an unpaid "vacation" during which I shall spend as much time as possible AWAY from the apartment, writing. I want to get through this phase of editing and begin the proof reading as soon as possible. I believe that if I can move to the proofs, I'll be able to reach my deadline of "ready to send to agents" by the end of December.

This is getting rather nerve wracking at the moment, partly because I'm excited and eager to move forward, but because I'm pretty clueless about several parts of the process. I know the theory, and how one is supposed to go about it, and I know the general rules that one must follow, like formatting, querying, and so one...but HOW to do all of that...I just don't know.

Be that as it may, I have a potential contact who's already been published with scholastic (thanks, dearest mother-in-law :D), and hopefully the gentleman will have the time to offer some advice.

For now, I'll continue to move forward...and back to work.


  1. Hey, I know I'm basically the last person you want to hear from but...

    This is the link to a blog of a friend of mine's who has worked pretty extensively with publishers and publishing companies and usually digs up some really good tips that aren't in the common sphere of knowledge. Hopefully you find something helpful.

  2. Thank you... I'll have to check it out :D