Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's close!

So last week I read through the first four chapters of the book. I believe they are ready to be printed! My original weekly goal. now that I'm down to straight editing, was to get four chapters a week finished, but right now, three seems to be the magic number. I'd love to do four a week, but last night I found that if I tried, I would end up ruining the book rather than fixing it. So I'll take my time and be patient.

However, in three or four weeks, I should be ready to solicit for publication!

Edit, 7:40 am: I thought of some other, small, changes that I'll put into the chapters that were supposed to be completed, but they're important changes that make the protagonist stand out.

Also, I've already started creating a set of villains for the second book! That's right, I'm planning ahead. I even have three and a half plot lines that should all show up. Maybe even four and a half. (One and a half of the plot lines tie in together, but if you look at the entire thing as a whole, it's really only three plot lines on three different levels of character and world developement.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A week of productivity

So, last week I finished the revision stage of my book. I have all of the plot points ironed out and in place, and now all that remains is editing. I have a long ways to go before I'm content with the state of the language, mostly because it still feels like I'm telling, not showing. That's coming along, though, and I'm already working on Chapter 4. Yeah! I got three chapters edited last week, too!

In other news, the Beatles Rock Band game is AWESOME! The reason I say that is because, unlike the other Rock Band games, ALL of the songs are GREAT! Rock Band 1 and 2 have, maybe, four songs each that are as great as anything done by the Beatles, and as a result, I don't get bored too easily. I mean, really, why would I want to play a song by the talentless Kirk Cobain when I can belt out Yellow Submarine with a room full of psychotic friends?

Anyway...I have a long ways to go on my book, still, but progress is being made...oh yeah, and I have an idea for a sequel!

Now I have to get ready for my paying job :P

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another mile-marker down

Today I finished another round of editing, and I began the first non-edit read through. I've put it together as a PDF, and over the next day or two (hopefully only one), I'm going to read the entire thing, just to see what really glares at me as needing work. I'll take brief notes to go back and work on later, but that's really all I'm going to do because I need to see how everything fits together when I don't have two or three months between page one and page two hundred forty seven.

In other news. The next step, while I read through the book, is to get some of my friends to read it as quickly, yet thoroughly, as possible to give me feedback, and if all goes well, my November ETC may get moved up to October!

I think that's all.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Slept in, played video games, got a haircut, and created Star Wars characters. Oh yeah, Jason came over and we watched Spaced and Kitchen Confidential. Awesome day.

In other news, my car's fine, now. Just had a couple of small parts that had to be replaced. $200 isn't bad when it could have cost a LOT more.

Now, it's time for bed.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I was going to go over to Jason's place tonight to play Dungeons and Dragons (first time in three weeks) and as I was on my way (literally a mile away from work), the pulley that runs my AC fell off. Now, I had planned on taking my car into the garage for some work because of a clicking noise that's been bothering me for two weeks, and it turns out the pulley that fell of was the cause of the noise. It's not that big of a deal, I guess...though it could cost more than I was hoping. Anyway, I'm eating supper with my wife now.

I don't know what I'm going to do tonight...but I may take the time to work on the pre-genned characters for Star Wars on monday....yeah, that's a good idea.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another update?

Yeah...that's right, I have news!

Since yesterday, I have found several blogs with lots of help, and encouraging, ideas on where to go with my writing (thanks Sarah!! :D)

As I look at the process as described by these people, the end-of-December deadline should DEFINITELY be reached, no problem!'s the cool part... I might, MIGHT, be able to start querying agents as soon as....wait for it.........NOVEMBER!

Anyway, once I finish this round of edits, I'll do a read-through to look for any more changes that need to be made, and then the next difficult step begins; finding a test audience. I've had a couple of people read through the book, and they've given me great feedback, but I need four or five people who can blast through the book in a week or two, and then get back to me with ideas for improvement. I don't know where to find writer's groups (and I tried googling it, it's all a bunch of ads for guaranteed ways to sell your book), so I'm hoping for more suggestions.

My lunch break is over, so I'm getting back to work, but I'll post more of what I need (if any of you are willing and able to help) at a later date.