Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's close!

So last week I read through the first four chapters of the book. I believe they are ready to be printed! My original weekly goal. now that I'm down to straight editing, was to get four chapters a week finished, but right now, three seems to be the magic number. I'd love to do four a week, but last night I found that if I tried, I would end up ruining the book rather than fixing it. So I'll take my time and be patient.

However, in three or four weeks, I should be ready to solicit for publication!

Edit, 7:40 am: I thought of some other, small, changes that I'll put into the chapters that were supposed to be completed, but they're important changes that make the protagonist stand out.

Also, I've already started creating a set of villains for the second book! That's right, I'm planning ahead. I even have three and a half plot lines that should all show up. Maybe even four and a half. (One and a half of the plot lines tie in together, but if you look at the entire thing as a whole, it's really only three plot lines on three different levels of character and world developement.)


  1. You may only "edit" three chapters a week, but you're actually working on it all the time ~ ideas, twists, character & plot development. So, you are getting a LOT done!!!

    We are SO very proud of you, sunshine!

  2. WOW! I am soooo proud of you as a writer and husband. I am sure that the book will probably never be finished in your eyes, but you will be guided as to when to turn it over so God can bless it.