Monday, October 05, 2009

And life continues

I didn't sleep much last night. No reason, I just couldn't fall asleep until nearly 2. I still got up at 5:30, and I got a good deal of writing done before work. I should be able to get chapter 9 done today... which is really nice. That's one of the chapters I've put some extra effort into, so it makes progress easier to attain.

Right now I'm at lunch, listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on my iPhone. It explains any oddities in my post :)

Jeremy had a contact in Japan who he hoped to get a job with, but that fell through. As much as we would all miss him if he left, we really wanted him to get the job. It would have been one of the best things that could happen for his career. On the other hand, he's doing pretty well as a chef. I think we've finally convinced him to sign up for Hell's Kitchen, which I'm certain he would win. Again, it would suck if he left, but being a head chef is one of his dream jobs. It would be cool!

Now my wife's on the phone, so I'll post this and talk to her.

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