Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I should be in bed.

But I'm not, so read on...if you want.

The optic drive died on my laptop today. It'll cost $300 and will take three to five days to get fixed if I take it to the apple store....but the good news is I should be able to take it to an independent, certified apple tech...which will cost less money. The only problem with that? I'll still be without my computer, the only tool that I can write with, for at least a day. Grr. Maybe I can hold off until I'm done with the book.

On to other thoughts.

Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent wrote a really good piece that he posted today on overly sensitive writers. One of the things I noticed in myself when I first picked up a pen was that I didn't want to hear anything negative about my work, but I always took the opportunity to LEARN from what I heard, whether I liked it or not. More than any other lesson I've learned in the last eleven and a half years (yes, I've been trying to do this for over a decade!), learning to take criticism well is probably the most important. It's not that I get insulted easily, which I do, it's more that I tend to give up easily when I get discouraged. And hearing negative things about my work tends to discourage me at times. But not nearly as much as it used to. :D Anyway, read the post.

In other thoughts, I've toyed with the idea of giving my readers (all four of you) a sneak peak at the worlds I've created. I want to jump back and fourth between Andere, where my current story takes place, and Flatiron City, the blog I created almost four years ago. I mentioned earlier that I was reviving that world, with a new protagonist and actual plots. To keep things interesting for me, I'm going to give you guys a look at some of my more favorite locations in these worlds, maybe even create some new ones that will show up in later works.

Anyway, I'm tired and the wife needs to be in bed, rather than on the couch. G'night, all!

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  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Oh please give us a peek! From what you've told me they are going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing more!