Saturday, October 31, 2009

One productive week

So, this week I managed to get FOUR chapters edited in my book. That leaves me with two more chapters, and then the final read-through. As I sit here, I've already completed chapters 1-9, and by the end of the weekend, I should have 10 and 11 ready for publication (or at least submission to the agents I'll be querying).

As for the future of this blog, when I start the querying process, I'll probably just stop talking about it. I expect to get a lot of rejections, if I hear back at all from the busy agents I'll be talking to, so I don't want to bore you with the repetitive declarations of "I got another rejection letter". I also want to avoid the temptation of insulting agents who don't want to represent me, and I REALLY don't want to ACCIDENTALLY insult them by saying something that can be misinterpreted as an insult.

I WILL, however, keep you all posted on progress with upcoming writing projects, and when I DO hear back from Agents who want to represent me, I'll definitely say something.

And, for those of you who want a preview of my locations, I will begin with the Hanaka Nippon Tea Gallery, which has already been featured in the Flatiron City blog. I'm not sure what I'll follow up with, but it may be the office of Henry Slade, the new protagonist for the setting. I will eventually tell you about the Azure Serpent, the Police Station, and even Level 1 in each tower. Keep your eyes open, because it will be coming....eventually.

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  1. Doesn't feel great to have accomplished significant tasks?! We are so proud of you in so many ways! Keep it up! We want to read the final product!!!