Friday, November 06, 2009

I did it!

I finished editing my first novel! I'm finishing up the final read through this weekend, and I will begin writing Query Letters first thing next week! As I stated before, I won't bore you with the repetitive updates of "I sent out another letter," and "I got another rejection," and "I got a 'partial' request." However, I SHALL let everyone know if I get a full manuscript request from an agent, and if/when I sign on with an agent.

In three weeks (maybe sooner depending on how the short story comes along) I'm going to begin work on the outline for the sequel to Defender of the Crown (which is the title of my first book unless the publisher insists on changing it). I don't know what I'll call book 2, yet, but I do have two and a half plot arcs that I intend on squeezing between the pages.

As for Dragon Age, I'm hooked, even though I haven't had a chance to actually sit down and play it for any real length of time. That makes it kind of hard to form an informed opinion about how good the game is...but, again, I am enjoying what I HAVE played!

Time to finish lunch.


  1. Big congratulations!!!! Best of luck with your submissions, I hope to read soon that you've been offered an absolutely fabulous publishing deal!

  2. I'm hoping to hear the same from you. Are you still editing Assassin's Dawning?