Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Tuesday

I actually managed to get some work done on my query letter this morning, despite forgetting to reset my alarm last night. I didn't wake up until my wife came in to kiss me goodbye, but I hopped out of bed (okay, I slumped out of bed), and I sat down at my computer to write. Fingers crossed, but I think I actually have ALL of the pertinent information about the plot on the page, now. That doesn't mean I'm finished tweaking it, but it's way better than what I had yesterday.

At this time I'd like to talk briefly about something that bothers me about some writers who I've seen posting on the internet in recent weeks. At many times, I've fit into this category, but now that I'm trying to get away from it, the mindset kind of bothers me... and that is people who refuse to do their research. Of course, none of us can know everything there is to know about a topic that we talk about, but if we intend to comment on a subject, I think it's important to know at least a little bit about it.

Again, this is directed at me as much as anyone who may be reading this, and its intent is purely encouragement to validate your point of view, rather than point a finger at a problem. You see, in my experience, when I say something that is totally and provably false, it discredits a lot of what I may intend to say in the future. I am by no means an expert in any field (yet), but I do know that in the writing industry, doing research is really important, especially at the stage I'm at in the process. That's right, I have to do research on the agents I want to query!

You see, if I send my query letter out to ten agents who don't even want to represent my genre, not only have I wasted their time and mine, I've also put myself in danger of getting a bad reputation. That doesn't mean that I'll be blacklisted from the industry, but if those ten agents tell their associates about, "this guy who just doesn't get it," it makes my job harder.

My point is, do research. Sometimes it's boring, but you learn a lot of really cool things, and if you intend to be a writer, regardless of what you want to write, you must MUST know what you're talking about, or else no one will take you seriously.

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