Thursday, February 25, 2010

A preview!

So, for a while I've been contemplating giving you all a sneak peak at my book. Today I'm sharing the "elevator pitch" that's been going out to agents who I want to represent me. When it gets pushed off of the front page of this blog, you'll be able to find it in the tabs above. That's right! Blogger created pages for blogs, and I'm taking advantage of it!

Now, a blurb about my book:

After creating a lightning storm that killed a boy from his school, thirteen year old Nicholas Benson enrolls in the Magi Academy to learn how to get his explosive, magical outbursts under control. Nicholas is surprised to learn that Joselyn Jameson, the Queen’s daughter is also a student at the academy. He’s even more shocked to find out that she’s in all of his classes. Soon after the pair become friends, Nicholas has another magical fit that nearly burns the two of them alive before causing him to pass out.

While unconscious, he sees a vision of a small group of anti-royalist rebels intent on assassinating Joselyn’s mother so that the Prime Minister, won’t have to share his power with the Queen. Despite a plague of similar visions throughout the year, Nicholas ignores them until he accidentally overhears a conversation between Joselyn’s uncle and the Queen’s bodyguard who also plan on killing the Queen in order to prevent the election altogether.

When Joselyn refuses to believe that her uncle could commit treason, Nicholas sets out to prove her wrong simply to save her life and the life of her mother. He succeeds only to discover that the Queen’s bodyguard lured him to the palace to use Nicholas’s dangerous powers as the weapon that will plunge the nation into civil war. In a fight to save himself and the people he cares for, Nicholas must finally master his powers or sacrifice his life for the good of the country.

That's it! I hope you liked it.

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