Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An addition to The Column

Something I've noticed in the forums (and this is due to the nature of writing something rather than saying it aloud) is that advice is easier to listen to when the words used sound constructive. This isn't criticism on anyone, I just noticed that I, personally, have fewer aversions to advice when the person giving it comes across as someone who wants to help, rather than someone who just looked over my work and wrote down their notes on my work.

While the second person is genuinely trying to help me, it's the bluntness of their words that makes me hesitate to listen...at least if I'm not in a good mood. Thankfully, even the worst advice can be helpful at times, and no matter how I feel, I realize this. That's why I always, at the very least, look over the suggestions once while I attempt to apply them to changes I make.

Just something to consider when looking at yesterday's post, and while you're looking over your own work and other people's thoughts on it.

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