Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Too much story?

As I try to write my synopsis, I'm struck with just how much story this book has, and that's only the main plot arc. Technically, the side plots don't take up much space, but even if I don't write about them in my synopsis, I have a lot of events that could be used to show the tension in the story. The hard part is deciding which ones are the most important and which ones need to be left out to keep it succinct.

In an almost related subject, Heavy Rain is awesome. There are at least three whole novels in that game, each from a different perspective. I won't write down any spoilers, yet, but I plan on giving my impressions on the game and its story when I've beaten it a couple more times. That way the spoilers don't spoil nearly as much for those of you who are interested in playing it.

Hm...I'm kinda surprised I could come up with an update today :)

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