Thursday, April 15, 2010

In a Good Mood

Yesterday, Todd sent me a link to another writer's blog. Ms. Wagner asked other writers to post their social-media info in her comments, along with a weird fact about them, and then she asked that those writers go follow at least one other writer who commented. I'm following a lot more people now :D To those of you who are new, welcome! And thank you, Hilary, for showing so much support for other all of those writers. (If you don't know who Hilary is, check out her blog. Her book comes out Oct. 1st.)

Now, yesterday I talked about how desperation makes me write poorly. I think the post itself proves that. I got some good news yesterday about my job situation, and it sounds like some of the problems were a bit over-stated to me (from the horses mouth, so to speak), though not by much. Anyway, my advice to writers is to simply stick with your writing and do it because you love it, not because you need the money. Of course, writing full time is the goal (for me at least), but in the words of Simon Styles from Studio 60, "Writing rules, dumb dumb." If you have a bad day, or feel distracted, try to write anyway, and then go back and fix it later. PLEASE don't give up. That's what I did, and the fact that I stuck with it when I didn't want to yesterday helped to lift my spirits. I can look back with pride and I'll never feel like I wasted my morning sulking or worrying when I could have done something productive.

I'm looking forward to reading new books! I want other aspiring writers to succeed. Like Elysabeth Williams, who just found out that she's going to be published! (Congrats)

Writing is rough (as I've said before), just stick with it, even when it seems like you don't have a chance at success.

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  1. I agree it can be really tough at times, but never giving up is the only way to go.