Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tangents, Agents, and Sleeping in.

I slept in this morning...for about 45 minutes. That means I got up at quarter to 7...which is actually an hour and forty five minutes later than I'm SUPPOSED to get up. Anyway, this morning I needed it. I was REALLY tired.

I got Chapter 7 of my WiP drafted this morning, and after lunch I'm going to write Chapter 8. I've been looking at the outline for this book, and I realized it was going to be way to short to be a real novel. This morning I decided to fix that. Chapter 7, while completely relevant to the plot, introduces some road blocks to the protagonist. Something this story needed, anyway. I'm not sure exactly how else I'm going to lengthen this book, but I want to take this bunny trail for a while and see where it leads the characters. It should provide a great distraction, both to the readers and the characters, that will teach them something, but will eventually take them to a dead end, making the tension build even more. I love this stuff!

I found another agent listing web site. I didn't send out any queries, though, because I have five unanswered ones floating out there at the moment, and I want to give them time to respond before I flood the market with my request for representation.

I think I've queried almost everyone in the country who deals with my genre and accepts e-mail queries, too. In the next week or two I'll start sending out traditional letters to agents who don't accept e-mail queries.

I'm off to get food, then I'm going to head out for a bike ride. Wish me luck on Chapter 8!

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