Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lot's of hard work

Yesterday I got called in to the day job. I expected to be there today, but they wanted me there a day early instead. So I didn't have time to do ANYTHING. I spent the entire day moving things around the warehouse and adjusting shelves (like the ones you see at CostCo or Sam's Club).

Today I finished reading through Todd's WiP. It's really good, especially for a first draft. Look forward to it. Sure, there were some things that needed to be worked on, but it's only a first draft. Knowing Todd, they'll be fixed soon. And the book will be one that you'll need to pre-order so that you can read it AS SOON as it's released.

I also got a bunch of notes back from a couple of my beta readers. That's awesome because I want to get back to revisions on my novel. Not this week, though. Today I have a killer headache, and tomorrow I need to clean my apartment. It's WAY overdue. But on Monday, I'll jump into revisions like a hot man jumps into a cold pool!

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  1. Funny that we both finished reading each other's WIPs today. Like you, I'm going to wait a little bit longer to start work on mine. I've printed it out already and I have the red pen and highlighter all set to go, but I need to get my mind prepared before I dive in.