Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay, almost. Yesterday, I managed to write 3 query letters! And this morning, I already got one rejection :( Not to worry... I still have three that have not been replied to, and I have a second book that I'm writing that will hopefully open doors that my first book has not.

Beta readers are chugging their way through my WiP right now, and I'm chugging my way through Todd's. But the biggest news for today is... WORLD CUP STARTS TODAY! The one game that I REALLY want to see, though? Yeah, it's tomorrow at 12:30. United States vs. England. And guess where I'll be...somewhere between Hot Springs South Dakota and Denver.

I'm hoping I can get to Cheyenne in time for the second half, at least. :P

Well, have a great weekend. I'll see you all on Monday!


  1. I will start reading your WIP probably in the next few days, and I'm still pondering on your so-far feedback. Like I said, I want to make major changes BEFORE I go through the MS line-by-line in printed form... just easier that way.

    As to the World Cup, we'll be at the British Bulldog tomorrow for the USA game! It's going to be nuts!

  2. Keep up the querying! Sorry about the R, but R there will be, and nestled amongst them hopefully a few good requests!