Wednesday, July 07, 2010

49k and counting...

Yesterday I broke the 49k word mark!

I just made another pass at chapter 19, too, and I like the changes I made. I know I need to look it over again, but that will come with the polish round of edits.

I actually got called in to work tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. Since my sister-in-law is staying with us for a couple of weeks (she's doing a short internship in town), I don't plan on getting up early enough to edit. However, Friday will signal the end of this round of edits! I only have two chapters to finish, and with all of the changes I've made, these two chapters will be easy to fix.

I'm still not sure how long the book will be by the end, but I know it will be long enough to sell as a YA novel.

Right now, my brain isn't working well, so I'm going to get some errands run. See you all tomorrow!

Oh yeah, get some writing done yourselves :D


  1. I'm writing to you right now! Does that count?

  2. Who, me, write?
    Ok. I'll try.