Monday, July 05, 2010


It's important to believe in something, to have a goal to strive for. Lately I've found myself annoyed at some of the more popular "activist" causes. People argue about the value of organic food. "It's better for the environment, better tasting, it's not genetically altered" and so on. To start, all food that you eat is genetically altered. Unless you're eating baby corn. To get to where it is today, you know, edible and tasty, the ancients had to alter the genetics of their crops and herds.

But that's not the worst part of the problem. The biggest problem with the organic movement, the people who say the cost is worth it if we're all eating better, is that around the world, thousands, if not millions of people starve EVERY DAY because they can't afford to eat anything. At all!

Causes can be like that. Save the animals by donating ten dollars to this organization, but forget that thousands of kids a day, in our own country, are subjected to violence and hate. Not on TV, but in their own homes, in their neighborhoods, on the streets they walk to work. We set aside millions of dollars a year in tax revenue for "starving" artists, football stadiums, preservation of NON-ENDANGERED species, and when we're running out of cash, schools and after-school programs get their funding slashed.

I'm not trying to persuade people away from their cause, I just want to remind people that it's not as black and white as they might think. Believe in something, live for something, and do great things with your life! But don't forget that your cause isn't the only one :)

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