Friday, July 02, 2010

I'm actually doing it!

Okay, so I didn't make it through 14 yesterday, but I DID make it through 13! The only reasons 14 eluded me is because 11 took so long, it's bloody hot at my house, and my wife decided to start re-organizing the place yesterday. So I (wonderful husband that I am) jumped in and helped.

Today, I'll get at least 14 done. It could be a problem chapter, but if I get it done early enough, I'll move on to 15. I'm still in line with my deadline, so I'm not freaking out about time.

And don't worry, some day I'll have more than just glorified status updates for you all. For now, though, I need to focus on my work :)


  1. Hey, kudos to your for chipping in with the house organization! And keep at the revisions. One chapter at a time...

  2. Oh, but it's so much more fun to take revisions three or four chapters at a time :)

  3. turn on the AC, for crying out loud!

  4. Can't afford it. I'm not making enough money these days to justify the expense.