Monday, August 09, 2010

In Wich I Don't Make Friends:

Yesterday, I thought about Twilight again. I said before that I listened to the audio book, and I didn't particularly enjoy it. But I pretty much left it there. These days, though, it seems to be a trend among aspiring writers to trash Twilight.

On the other hand, I have not seen this trend extend to veteran authors or agents who blog. The only author whose opinion I HAVE heard is Stephen King. And he wasn't generous.

I don't understand why this trend is so prevalent, though. I know many people can get jealous, and that could be part of it, but I think it's too late to convince people NOT to read the book. The critics have spoken, the fans have gathered, and Stephanie Meyer is a successful writer. (Notice how I didn't use quotes there? That's because she IS a success. She wrote books and millions of people read them. And millions of people also saw the movies.)

Anyway, I think it's high time we move on. Striving to be the NEXT big thing is great, but we can't change how successful Twilight is. And, as for me, I know ripping into the book won't help me get published. I have my opinion, I've been as fair as I can on this blog, and I'll be INCREDIBLY vocal around my close friends, but not online.


  1. LOL you're so right. All jokes aside, I wish I was that successful (or even published).

  2. One of the authors I read on a regular basis, Lynn Flewelling, has a very strict rule that she will praise to the high heavens any book that she loves, but that she will never, ever badmouth a fellow author if she doesn't love their book. I think it is a good rule to have - for one, it is always better in life to try and focus on the positive, and it is also a good move to not put anyone against you in the writing industry, because you never know who might google their name (or an agent googling a client's name) and see your blog badmouthing them.

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I agree. I'm not a "Twilight" fan but eventually the jokes get old and trashing becomes petty and annoying. She must have done something right if she's achieved as much as she has. Besides, as a writer I can respect anyone who has the courage to put themselves through the writing/editing/publishing process.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I agree with what Sarah said about Lynn's thougts...I will try not to badmouth any authors online because as a writer, everyone does this their own way and it may not be for me. It's so painful getting bad feedback.

    So as for Steph Meyer, I say, Kudos to her for writing some great selling books and thinking up a story that clearly struck a chord in a many readers.

    Now it's time to turn our attention back to our own craft...

  5. I think it's lame to trash anyone, even if they deserve it. But especially aspiring writers who trash published ones: petty.

    Still though please provide a link to Mr. King's opinion. I would LOVE to read that.