Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RPGs are good for writing.

As many of you already know, I am a gamer. I play video games and table-top RPGs. However, when my gaming friends and I get together, most of the time we talk about OTHER things. We never talk about what our characters did in the game last night, we never marvel over how cool or how painful a win or loss might have been. We simply use the game as a venue to spend time together as friends. It's like Monopoly,

It's also a great exercise in writing. Especially if you run a game. I'm really looking forward to running a game some time in the future (not sure when that will happen, though) because when I'm not working on a novel, it gives me a great opportunity to hone my story-telling skills. If anyone is interested in this particular past-time, I encourage you to find a good gaming group. Fear not: if you don't want to spend time with nerds who are obsessed with nothing but the game, just be picky. There are plenty of us out there who go see movies, go to concerts, hike, camp, and so on.

But group activities that hone your writing skills are good for you. They help you relax, and those people will (usually) keep you from losing your mind...especially when you're ready to pull out your hair because your story isn't behaving.


  1. I would even go so far as to say most of us nerds aren't the stereotypical uber-nerd. It is tough to find a good group though. I'm still looking for the people who prioritize the story, rather than the game.

  2. Andrew, the only reason I can't go that far is because I don't know very many nerds :) Those who I do know aren't stereotypical, but many of the ones I've MET fall right into the stereotype.

    But you're right: most of us are pretty normal :D