Thursday, September 02, 2010

Car repair

I do hope you enjoyed the short story yesterday. I plan on writing more in the future, if only to practice writing stuff.

I'm sitting at Border Books today, toiling away while my car is getting worked on. Standard maintenance stuff... You know how it is. Since I have five queries out that are unanswered, I'm going to take the day off from that project and jump back into my WiP.

I've reached a dilemma, though: I want to write a supernatural/film noir style novel, but the only idea I've come up with kinda sucks. Okay, it's REALLY lame. However, the only reason this is a dilemma is because I haven't knuckled down to try to fix any of the problems I created in the two hours I spent formulating a plot. So when I say dilemma, what I really mean is that I have project to work on with plenty of opportunities to create an interesting, entertaining story.

I started reading a new book yesterday, and when I get farther along in it, I'll tell you about it. For now, I want to work my way into it and form a real opinion. I can already say that it's WAY better than the last book I read.

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