Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally! An idea.

Stretching myself is always hard, especially when it comes to writing. I always stick to fiction because it's easier for me to make hard choices about what to write. But this project I'm working on right now, even though it's fiction (based on real events in my life), isn't anything like my previous work. I'm trying to come up with a story that is inspiring, centered around the idea of community.

I have a lot of great friends that I hang out with, and we're a tight-knit community, but the problem I kept running into was myself. I felt that if I talked about some of the most inspiring events of my life over the past five years I would be inflating myself too much. Even though I wasn't as involved in the events as my other friends were, my involvement didn't allow me to make an objective observation that I could turn into a story worth reading. At least, that's how I felt.

After a day of struggling with that and a morning of random plunkings on my keyboard, however, I have come up with a story to tell based on a good friend of mine. I'm going to change some of the facts (like his name), but the spirit of the story will remain the same. In the end, I know it will be a work of fiction, but that shouldn't make it any less inspiring.

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