Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happiness is my choice

The last two days have been pretty stressful at work. And most of that is because of one person who just doesn't do their work but expects my supervisor and me to triple our output just because there's more work coming in. So my supervisor and I are overworked, and this one person gets to sit behind a desk, and even when we ask for help in the shop, this person just ignores us and leaves ALL of the work for the two "shop" guys, even though this person is required to help us when we ask...because that's what all of his bosses (yes, plural, because there's three of them) have said.

Anyway, rather than griping and complaining about it all day, rather than letting my day get ruined by this one person, I'm simply going to get into work today, a smile on my face, and I'm going to work my butt off. I choose to be happy today, and even if it doesn't effect my coworkers in a positive way, I still refuse to drag them down with my bad attitude, no matter how I feel about my work situation.


  1. Good luck today Giles! I hope your happiness continues. It's hard when others want to drag you down, but your attitude will shine through.

  2. That's a great attitude to take Giles, and is why your company probably considers you much more of an asset than your co-worker. Sometimes it takes a long time, but hard work will be rewarded.