Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting on the horse

I'm writing again. It's only been about 200 words a day, but I've knuckled down to produce a good short story for you, my readers! I'm enjoying it, too. It's really different from writing a novel, and it's challenging me, especially because I haven't tried to write a short story in over two years.

One of the things a friend of mine told me, and I agree with him, is that with a short story, every word matters. Yes, that holds true for novels, but in a short story, like in my query letters, every unnecessary word could make the difference between a straightforward, concise piece of writing and a long, perhaps even dull exercise in futility.

I still outlined this work, and I'm going to revise it to the hilt. So in many aspects, I am treating this project like a novel. It'll just be shorter and filled with tension from beginning to end.

Question of the week: do you write short stories? If so, why do you write them, what kind do you like to read, and what's your process for writing them?

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  1. I know I've told you this in-person, but I neither write nor read short stories at this point. Too often I will read a short piece and fail to "get it," so I try to spend my time on novels. They're more my speed.